RHINO OF THE YEAR 1999 Vic Feazell, President of One Horn Productions

This guy has done it all. Farm worker, factory worker, preacher, social worker, psychotherapist, lawyer, elected public official and now he’s acting and producing movies. His biggest claim to fame, as a RHINO, was when he was arrested by the Feds while running for re- election as the District Attorney of Waco, Texas. (Perhaps you’ve heard of that place.)

Not only did he win the election and the criminal case, a six-week trial, but he turned around charging like the RHINO he is and sued everyone involved in his arrest and prosecution. After a two-year battle, he became one of Texas’ newest millionaires. Now he makes movies. What’s Vic’s philosophy on the movie business? “I’ll keep making ‘em ‘till I run out of money. I can always go back to practicing law…I guess,… if I have to.”

Many of those involved in Vic’s arrest and prosecution were the same people involved in “Ruby Ridge” and the “Siege at Waco”. Vic is not a fan of “Big Brother”.

His favorite books include Awareness by Anthony de Mello and Zen And The Brain by James H. Austin M.D.


Bell's Palsy - facial paralysis that may develop due to stress (as in the case of Emmett Schmotkin). It's what you get if you're not a real Rhino.

Cold Pizza - what to feed a Rhino ("… if something tastes good cold, it's fucking good..." - Brick Hawthorne)

"Look at me, now look at you" - what to say to humble a Rhino.

One Horn Production - what a Rhino ends up with after shooting himself in the foot.

Platinum Bullet - the only thing that can penetrate the skin of a Rhino (according to Ogden Nash).

"Trust me" - the last words from the mouth of a Rhino before a One Horn Production. Also how they say "Fuck You" in business.