The Story

RHINOS......spiced with the flavor of Mel Brooks ("Life Stinks") and other influential comedies of our time such as "Dude Where's My Car" and "I Love You Man". It's is the story of two young thick-skinned opportunists, Maceo Spinella (CHAD NELL) and Brick Hawthorne (ADAM WARREN). In the world of business, they are getting nowhere, fast!!! They are desperately trying to get out of their "get rich quick" job at a pyramid marketing company run by the "Rhino Queen" Rhonda Ramsey (KELLY COFFIELD from "IN LIVING COLOR" and "JERRY MAGUIRE"). Her motto: Live and die as a Rhino… Let rejection bounce off of you, never take no for an answer, and no matter what, KEEP CHARGING!!! For some, the intense training to become a Rhino proves too much, causing riots and one employee to develop Bell's Palsy (Trust me, you don't want it.).

There is no financial opportunity too massive for the two Rhinos to screw up. That's what they do best. They were perfect, their plans weren't. For instance they try their hand at donating sperm, but walked away with their heads hung low (pun intended). As their skin thickens, their scams get bigger, the risks get greater, and their brains get smaller.

Enough is enough! The two best friends part ways when they can no longer stand their lives or themselves.

Six months later, they reunite. It doesn't take long for the two minds to concoct another "get broke quick" scheme. Mace dreams of the ultimate service, which would cater to wealthy women (so they thought!) called "TIGHT & TIDY". This crazy "One Horn Production" (a phrase coined in the movie) definitely has its share of oddities. It may work. It may not. But, in the end, there's no stopping a charging Rhino.