"BLOOD SWEAT and TEETH" marks the directorial debut for film maker ADAM WARREN.

Adam graduated from South West Texas University where he acted in and directed several plays and short films while earning his degree in theater.

He then co-founded One Horn Productions with Partners Chad Nell and Vic Feazell. He co-wrote, produced and starred as "Brick Hawthorne" in his debut feature comedy "Rhinos" which took "Best Feature" at The New York International Film and Video Festival.

He also appears in "Natural Selection" with David Carradine and the upcoming indie movie "Connected". Since then, Adam has co-written the follow up screenplay for "Rhinos" entitled "Sharks" which is currently in development.

Not known as a man that likes to sit around and wait, Adam is busy producing and directing the documentary "RAGE IN THE CAGE" a steel cage, no holds barred fight that takes place in New Orleans. He is also producing and co-directing a documentary about the sport of La Crosse titled; "UNDER THE HELMET" which takes a wild ride into the most popular sport on the East Coast.

Upon producing the hardcore soundtrack for "BLOOD, SWEAT and TEETH", featuring bands such as FACEPLANT and the albums title track OCTOPUS CITY, Adam has branched out his love of entertainment into music. He has started the record label AJ SOUNDS which is currently promoting rap/hip-hop artists LD, DAMAR and JROB. Adam recently executive produced and appears as a featured rapper on the groups first compilation album titled; MAGNETIC VELOCITY, VOL. 1.





Under the tutelage of Delia Salvi and Mel Shapiro, Chad wrote, produced and starred in over 30 short films before graduating UCLA's school of theater, film and television.

Upon graduation, Chad was asked to tour with the world renowned Diavolo Dance Theater. The 10 month tour was highlighted with winning the acclaimed "Critic's Choice" award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland.

He returned to the states to co-star in the Overseas Film Group indie feature "GODMONEY" (now available on video and DVD)for director Darren Doane.

Chad then moved to Austin and co-founded One Horn Productions with partners Adam Waren and Vic Feazell. Chad went on to co-write, produce and star in "Rhinos", a Mel Brooks style comedy that took home the "Best Feature" award at this years New York International Film Festival.

From there, he went on to appear in such indie flicks as "Natural Selection" and "Connected" before jumping back behind the camera to co-produce "Blood, Sweat and Teeth" a documentary that takes an up close look at the underground world of no holds barred fighting.

Finally, Chad is currently making his co-directorial debut with "Rage in the Cage" a no holds barred fight movie that is due out spring 2000. Chad lives in Austin, Texas.


One look at this red headed vixen and the first thing that may pop into your head is "Hey, it's the white chick from Fox TV's hit series 'In Living Color'."

Holding a M.F.A. from the Goodman school of Drama, Kelly is not only a brilliant comedienne who is able to keep up with the likes of Jim Carrey and Damon Wayans, but she is also a multi-faceted character actress in theater, film and T.V.

Kelly held a recurring role on NBC's "Seinfeld" and was a series regular on Fox TV's "413 Hope Street." Among her film credits are "Field of Dreams" and "Jerry Maguire."

Currently, Kelly is in New York working on a theater production. We at one horn Productions greatly appreciate the fact that such an experienced actress all but donated her time to make her character "Rhonda Ramsey" jump off the screen with excitement and tenacity. She is a true Rhino.


Multi-faceted actress and producer Christi Allen currently produced and co-starred in her second feature film entitled "Rhinos."

Exposed to the film industry since early childhood and a graduate of the School of Performing Arts at Booker T. Washington in Dallas, Texas, Christi has appeared in numerous sitcoms and dramatic series. These including "Married With Children", "Silk Stalkings", "Life Goes On", "Designing Women", and "Santa Barbara". Her other film credit is First Look Picture's "God Money".

Christi is presently residing in Los Angeles, California and developing her third feature film.




In a southern peninsula costal village of Mexico, Dandi was raised by a coven of voodoo witches. Her background in tribal dances and chants made Dandi a natural at karaoke. It was at the villages only karaoke bar that Dandi was discovered in 1994 by a vacationing Ed McMahon . Her rendition of "Singing In The Rain" moved the entertainment mogul to tears. An inside source overheard him say "She looks like someone!" He moved Dandi to Los Angeles where she learned how to speak english and use electricity.

Rhinos is Dandis debut feature film.


Newcomer Tangi Miller is both fun and crazy as Tyra in "Rhinos". She can also be seen starring in the independent feature film "Tears of a Clown" which is garnering critical acclaim on the film festival circuit.

This fall Tangi will captivate the television world as Elena Tyler on "Felicity", her television debut in a series regular role. The character of Elena is a no-nonsense freshman student who initially bulldozes over Felicity with her freight train personality. "Elena is very straightforward and feels that she does not owe anyone anything." Miller says. "It takes time for her to trust people and let them in." Tangi has also guest starred ion HBO's sports comedy "Arliss" and the drama series "Michael Hayes".

Born and raised in Miami, Florida. Miller began acting in high school productions but chose to major in the more practical field of marketing while attending Alabama State University. Realizing that she spent all of her free time acting in theater productions, she decided to seriously pursue acting after graduation.

Intense in her desire to study the craft of acting, Miller earned a Master of Fine Arts Degree at the University of California, Irvine and has also studied at the Royal National Theater in London as well as the Alabama Shakespeare Festival.

Internationally, Miller has danced and performed in West Africa, Cameroon, and Ghana. She was also featured in Ghana's television network movie of the week, "Grey Hairs".

In her free time, Miller enjoys practicing yoga, reading poetry and teaching her parrot "Tekay" tricks. Her passions are African/Caribbean dance and international travel. Miller currently resides in Los Angeles.


Jayna was born in Minnesota in a log cabin which she helped her parents to build.She ran away to Austin, Texas, at the age of twelve to study acting under her idol, the great Mona Lee. Unfortunately, Jayna was detained in Waco by a polygamous religious cult led by the local D.A. and did not get around to meeting her future acting coach for another ten years. She made up for lost time, however, by taking every class available, some of them twice. Making use of the skills she had learned from the cult, Jayna paid her own way through acting school.

In order to prepare for the role of Keesha, a white girl who thinks she is black, Jayna listened to the Chris Rock c.d. four times and watched B.E.T. Network on Tuesday nights. Jaynas hobbies include taxidermy and cross dressing.

During the filming of Rhinos Jayna was caught communing with nature and performing the ancient Rhino fertility dance

Jayna can also be seen in The Newton Boys and Fallen Arches.


Vic Feazell received a BA from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in 1972, and a law degree from Baylor Law School in 1979. He has tried scores of jury trials, including six capital murder cases and numerous complex civil trials. While earning his reputation as a hard fighting trial lawyer and crusader against corruption, he amassed jury verdicts totaling over Eighty Million Dollars. "WOW!"

Vic was elected to two four year terms as District Attorney of Waco, McLennan County, Texas, where he was active in the courtroom and tried many of the most difficult and lengthy cases himself. When he resigned in 1988, to enter private practice he had not lost a single jury trial.

Vic retired from full time law practice last year to begin his career as an independent film producer. "Rhinos" is his debut film. Update: Vic is practicing law full time again!!  Slip and fall, have a bad wreck, Vic is your guy!

Vic is presently involved in producing the feature film "Natural Selections" which is being shot in Austin, Texas and plans are currently underway for future projects. The guy moves fast.


Matt Nolan, has a short but sweet role as the Bartender 'Cliff'. Matt trained heavily for the role, gaining 5 pounds in "Beer Weight", to make the role more 'real'. In his free time, Matt enjoys a good game of pool, dating women, pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain. His credits include the movie 'MOTHER' and 'BOY'S LIFE', and television shows such as '90210', 'ROSEANNE', 'MAJOR DAD', and 'STEP BY STEP'.

Matt hopes to have a larger role in the next film.

Rhinos was produced under the S.A.G. Experimental Film Agreement. It represents the collaboration between a 42 year old former tenured professor of marine biology and two 25 year old actors. Much of the crew came from U.S.C. film school, classmates of the director. The entire cast consists of friends and family of the actors and producers (the only auditions held were for the role of "Tyra"). Therefore, every cast member has a story behind them.

For example, the five ladies in the bar in scene 29 consist of the mothers of the two lead actors, the wildlife film maker who provided much of the rhino footage for the film, an acting classmate of the director, and the personal assistant of Michael Ovitz.

The cashier in the gas station is Rich Keppler, owner of Keppler Entertainment, one of the top product placement firms in Hollywood (they did all the stuff on Seinfeld).

The "Asshole Bar tender" is Sal, a teamster who showed up on the set the first day of shooting and angrily threatened to call the police because of a permit violation. His rage was extinguished by offering him a part in the film.

Melrose Larry Green, the random sycophant at the gas station, is in real life a Los Angeles wacko who hangs out on Melrose Avenue carrying signs promoting Howard Stern for president and has been on the Howard Stern radio show over 100 times. He showed up uninvited on the morning we were shooting the gas station scene near Melrose Ave., so the film makers gave him a cameo role.